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Do you need to keep your sales pipeline full? We drive local leads to your company to keep sales growing.

Brand Awareness

Need to be at the top of people's mind when they are search for your service? We can create hyper target ads to engage the local customer base.

wordpress website design


Need to start looking like a professional company online? It all starts with your website. Start driving leads today with your website.

local online advertising


Using online ads we can get very specific on who we target, when, on which device and how. Harness the power of online advertising.

Are you getting what you paid for?

Tired of SEO companies promising one thing & delivering another?

Don't get overcharged

Some SEO agencies have a big overhead which is passed on to the client. Well that stops today. SEO For The People is the exact opposite, we’re small, nimble and 100% virtual. That means we pass along the savings from those crazy overhead charges.

Start increasing your business revenue


Dominate the top of search results

Create keyword rich pages and localized content to dominate the top of Google search results.


Get found in the local maps

All local SEO starts with getting in the map section of Google. A trusted spot of Google locals use often.


Get involved in the local conversation on social media

Customers aren’t always on Google searching, sometimes they’re on social media conversing with locals and friends. Interject yourself into the conversation and be found.


Highly targeted ads to your target audience

Nothing is better than serving up timely and appropriate ads to your target audience no matter what platform, website, or device they are on.

"If you aren't getting at least 10% of your business from online you're missing sales."

Who do we work best with

You might be a fit if...

You’re a local service company

Here at SEO For The People we specialize in helping out the “small” guy who needs to compete online against the bigger players. We can make a million dollar company look like a 20 million dollar company. 

You’re not getting enough or any sales from online

The local service industry has changed from word of mouth and yellow book to online for generating sales. Even if you still generate work from word of mouth and previous customers (which you should if you’re good), do you want more sales? If so, get found online when people are searching for your services, then turn them into lifetime customers. How much is that worth to you?

You’re tired of paying your current marketing/seo company an arm and a leg for mediocre results

At SEO For The People, our name says it all. We’re lean and mean and we fight for the local guys. Don’t believe us? Jump on a call with us and tell us how much you want to spend and we will work up a package to that price point.

You’re a local marketer/company owner and you want to do this stuff yourself

No problem! We’re to help no matter your goals. We set up 1 on 1 workshops to get you trained up on everything you need to know for local seo, Google Ads, social media, and more. You’re only one call away from learning everything you need to know for driving more sales to your local business.

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